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Red Tree: Our DNA (Who Are We?)

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

1. Rooted Conviction

  • Committed to Scripture (not taking cues from our instincts or our own ability to reason)

  • Centered in the gospel (not around a collection of ethical advice)

  • Confessional (not driven by cultural-trends)

2. Rich Celebration

  • Christ-centered worship (not cold-hearted religion)

3. Resplendent Community

  • Counter-cultural kindness and compassion (not centered on self)

  • Curious (not calloused toward God or people)

  • Creative (not comfortable to hide God’s gifts)

  • Community of shepherds (not consumers)

4. Real Change

  • Constant Prayer (not content to rely on our own resources or strategies to bring about real change)

  • Conformity to the likeness of Christ by the power of Holy Spirit (not conformity to the world but to the likeness of Christ; not by crippling moralism but through real spiritual change from the inside-out)

  • Campus-facing (not critical of the next generation of world changers but intentional to equip students to go into their field to be real change-agents for Christ’s kingdom)

  • City-loving (not cynical toward the needs of our city but active to display social compassion for the sake of real change)

  • Covenant children-minded (not concerned only for “my age and stage” but investing in the next generation in order to see our children really changed into passionate followers of Christ)

  • Commissioned to bring the gospel to every corner of the world (not concerned only for our city and country but contributing to the work of advancing God’s kingdom for the sake of real change throughout the nations)

  • Courageous apologetics and evangelism (not cowardly but confident of God’s power to really change hearts through the truth of the gospel)

  • Costly Discipleship (not cheap individualism but committed to the process of discipling others and being discipled ourselves for the sake of real change)

[The following posts will explain more fully what is meant by each part of our DNA]


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