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We are glad you are here.

We know how important it is to have real community with others in a city like Ann Arbor.


Our passion is to see people become Christians, to grow as Christians, to connect in the local church and to embrace your particular role to live for God's Kingdom in service to others.


In other words, we want to see people deeply rooted in the truth of the gospel and deeply changed by the power of the gospel in a way that leads to living life in a new way, reflecting the beauty of the gospel through a deeper love for God, for his church, and for people.


How can the experience of deeper roots, deeper love and deep change become a reality for you? 

Here are the avenues where this happens at Red Tree. What is your next step?

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Next Steps

To Explore Christianity, Enjoy Community And Engage In Discipleship

Red Tree PCA | Church in Ann Arbor

Explore Christianity

Curious about Christianity? Click below to learn more about becoming a Christian, sign-up for our Large Group dinner discussion or set up a meeting with the pastor to talk individually.


Coming weekly to Sunday worship is the first step because worshiping God is the beginning, middle and end of the Christian life.


It’s the very thing we were made for, saved for, and what we will be set free to enjoy forever in eternal paradise. In our worship services, we experience what is referred to in theological terms as the “means of grace,” the primary means by which God draws near to us in order to revive and enliven us.


God changes us deeply by the preaching of the Word of God, participation in the sacraments and enjoying worshipful dialogue with God in prayer (spoken and sung).

Red Tree Church | PCA | Ann Arbor | Knuth Family
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Red Tree Church | PCA | Small Groups

Small Groups

Our Small Groups are designed to create space for more intentionally focused time on relationships, prayer, and applying biblical teaching to our lives in practical ways. These groups range in size from 3-7 adults and meet weekly or bi-weekly.


The purpose of our Small Groups is to see the movement of known truth (teaching from Sunday sermons or Large Group) turned into action through prayer, personal renewal and working for the kingdom.


For those interested in joining a Small Group, follow the link below.

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Large Groups

Our Large Group events are intended to create space for us to gather for teaching on culturally relevant and engaging ideas, biblical topics and various strands of theology from within a Christian framework. These are offered throughout the year in various classes and conferences.

Red Tree PCA | Church in Ann Arbor | Michigan
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Jonathan Lau | Red Tree Church | PCA


Jesus came to serve us and calls his followers to a life of service.


We invite you to volunteer to serve at Red Tree Church, on the campus, in the city and beyond. Explore opportunities below.

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