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Red Tree Values | Resplendent Community | Creative (Not Comfortable to Hide God's Gifts)

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Creative expressions of artistic talents and personal gifts, whether painted, played musically, or invested materially, abound in Ann Arbor. At Red Tree, we believe that God, who is the most creative creator and the giver of all our creative talents and personal gifts, is most worthy to receive our expressions of human creativity.

It only makes sense that the Christian church should be more motivated than any other people or place on the planet to show forth our creative gifts and to generously invest our personal gifts, with greatest excellence.

Red Tree, therefore, is a church who holds the creative arts and the use of our personal gifts in highest regard. We invite people to use their gifts in ways that enhance God’s reputation as the original creator, in ways that engage people’s senses and sense of wonder, and in ways that build up the church, who is the beautiful bride of Christ.



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